Building a Universal Compute Fabric

Democratizing access to accelerated computing for data processing platforms


Big data analytics empowers large growing businesses worldwide by converting insights into actionable decisions and has become ubiquitous across modern data-driven businesses.


current DATA PLATFORMs issues

Today's proprietary data platforms are exceedingly intrusive, requiring customers to surrender data to monolithic systems designed to tax data movements in and out of closed ecosystems under the pretense that optimization can only be achieved through complete vendor lock-in.


a new technology,
a new paradigm

The new alternative is XONAI, which departs from the current narrative to move towards a new paradigm where premium and instant optimization is achieved at no expense of getting barred and/or taxed when given the possibility to leverage new technologies.

We believe that great technology should transparently plug into customers’ choice of tools and provide measurable, instant benefits.


our Approach


Rather than pushing users into invasive integrations and intricate, time-consuming adoption processes, our solution is built from the ground up to power the underlying data infrastructure as it stands, and provide unique optimization opportunities not possible in legacy proprietary platforms.


We believe a better approach should fundamentally decouple its optimization process from the compute platforms it supports, achieving optimal execution through end-to-end optimization of data pipelines and intelligent selection of hardware resources.


In our mission to tackle the current problems on a fundamental level, we leverage novel compiler technologies to build a scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with data compute platforms to maximize the performance of demanding workloads.

With no changes to the underlying data infrastructure, our solution seamlessly adapts to both existing and emerging hardware accelerators to power data analytics and AI computing.


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