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We are hiring engineers to help us deliver the next-generation technology for powering large-scale Big Data processing and Machine Learning pipelines.

Our focus is to build a versatile team, passionate for technology and disruption, with motivation to solve difficult problems through new paradigms. We have a number of open roles in the fields of:

compiler engineering

big data Engineering

Cloud Infrastructure

Web Engineering


working at xonai

Flexible work hours & unlimited vacation

pension plan

remote working (within europe) & co-working office access

fair compensation & equity package

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across europe

We have been a fully remote team since our inception and we plan to remain that way.

While we are hiring mostly across Europe at this stage, we welcome and encourage anyone around the world to reach out to us.

We offer coworking office space at any location of your convenience and we support you where you are.

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Apply if you wish to join our journey in breaking established conventions in Cloud Computing.

Or get in touch with us if you have any questions at

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