We are a team of passionate engineers committed to building the best-in-class petabyte-scale data infrastructure optimization platform that combines hardware acceleration with performance metering to enable real-time actionable insights for reducing data center costs.

So far, we have raised a total of $3.5M in Seed funding. This gives us the flexibility to grow our team, provide world-class support to our customers, and expand our solution to new markets.To learn more about us, visit our blog.

About the role

As a CPU Compiler Engineer, you will collaborate with the founding team to improve and expand the core engine that we are building that massively accelerates Big Data pipelines. Your contributions to our core solution will directly impact data infrastructure processing 10s of petabytes every day where Xonai is being deployed.

Join us in building a cutting edge solution for the cloud to realize cost-effective data infrastructure at scale and with unparalleled flexibility.

What you will do

  • Optimize code generation for executing JIT-compiled code on CPUs (Arm and x86 architectures).
  • Diversify compiler optimizations based on both compile-time and runtime information.
  • Improve profiling and debugging capabilities for execution in CPUs targets.
  • Improve the existing compiler design and toolchain.
  • Collaborate with team members to drive new innovations lying at the intersection of Big Data and compilers.

What you will bring

  • 3+ years of experience with backend compiler engineering.
  • Experience in developing core compiler algorithms (passes, analysis, IR structures).
  • Experience working with LLVM compiler infrastructure and preferably MLIR.
  • Proficient with C++14 (or above) and GitHub workflows.
  • Ability to write, test and deploy production code driven by modern software engineering practices.
  • Curiosity in using compiler technologies for solving problems in Big Data domains.


  • Entrepreneurial spirit and previous experience in early stage startups.
  • Knowledge of SQL data processing operations and algorithms.
everyone is welcome

We are highly committed to create new transformative technologies that deliver unique benefits to our customers. We understand that developing an exceptional product requires a diverse team of intelligent, passionate and curious people bringing new perspectives. We take great pride in being an equal opportunity employer and we encourage everyone to apply.

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